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Why Should You Vacation in Point Pleasant Beach?

Vacations have become an essential mechanism in our battle against the day-to-day battles laden with stress. If the “vacation” is a time for us to unwind and alleviate stress for a weekend, week, or hopefully longer then we should also try to make the process of finding that vacation spot an easy one. That’s where Point Pleasant Beach comes into the conversation. Point Pleasant Beach has at least two of the words that should be part of most vacations right in its name: Pleasant and Beach! Point Pleasant Beach is one of those rare vacation spots that has everything you need. Beach, boardwalk, restaurants, shopping, and proximity to all the necessary items that make a vacation a vacation. 

Starting with the obvious, Point Pleasant Beach offers up a pristine stretch of sand that serves as the perfect centerpiece to your relaxing time off from the rest of the world. Point Pleasant Beach is consistently ranked as one of the top beaches in New Jersey and when you’re here in this beach town, you’ll find yourselves spreading out the blankets, planting your umbrella, and breathing the ocean air every day! Once you’ve experienced Point Pleasant Beach’s best feature, you will realize why this is a destination for so many families looking to wash away the daily stresses with a dip in the majestic Atlantic Ocean. The waves have a way of reminding us how things can be without those pesky reminders of the challenges we face when the salty water isn”t occupying our thoughts. 

On those rare occasions when you leave your new sandy office space, take a few steps to enjoy food and fun on boardwalk. While you’re lounging on your blanket soaking up the sun and sounds of the sea, the sights and sounds of the bustling boardwalk might draw you away from the chill oasis. Maybe it will be the lure of pizza, fries, ice cream, or beach cuisine. Maybe it will be the kids desire to play the latest arcade game. Maybe it’s just time to take a stroll and check out the homes you are thinking about buying because you want to do this every day! Whatever it is on the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk that gets you there, it is highly likely that you’ll find even more than you expected. 

After the day’s activities that included the beach and boardwalk, Point Pleasant Beach offers up so many choices for local dining, you might have to try two or three different spots each day! From locally caught seafood to New Jersey pizza to burgers and wings, Point Pleasant Beach will satisfy your palate regardless of your tastes or budget. You can walk to many of these establishments in your flip-flops and if you are up for a short drive, there is surely a spot that will make the whole hungry family happy. 

You will want to remember this time in Point Pleasant Beach and stopping by any of the dozens of local shops will give you that opportunity. You can stroll the downtown area and find local artists, clothing, or some snacks for later. Maybe after dinner you look for that perfect gift or treat yourselves with some beach vibes to bring back home. 

Point Pleasant Beach is certainly a source of calm and relaxation but it won’t leave you totally secluded if you find you need to replenish the fridge or get an extra towel for your guests. Point

Pleasant Beach has everything you need to keep your vacation from becoming anything but restful. Refill your prescription at the pharmacy, stock the shelves of your kitchen at the supermarket, or pick up another beach chair. Point Pleasant Beach is a vacation destination that also has you covered if you need anything while you’re here. Enjoy Point Pleasant Beach. You will find everything you need to relax your mind and body. 

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