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How To Find The Perfect Summer Rental At The Beach

How To Find The Perfect Summer Rental At The Beach

Finding the perfect summer rental at the Jersey Shore doesn’t have to be difficult! We believe that speaking to someone locally (on the phone) is much easier than trying to navigate many of the popular rental websites.  AND taxes don’t apply when you rent with a real estate agency, so it’s cheaper too!  
The first thing to do is to get a group together and pick your vacation timeframe.  Rentals usually go from Saturday to Saturday, so whether you’d like to stay for a week or more, make sure you know your dates.  If you’re flexible, you’ll have more rental homes to chose from.  Some homes will allow pets, but most owners would rather you leave them with a sitter.  Make sure you have a plan in place for your pets, so you know if you need a pet friendly home or not.  The other thing to consider is a budget range for your summer rental. 
Smaller homes that are closer to the boardwalk tend to be the least expensive.  These rentals are great if you want to be in close proximity to the beach/boardwalk and don’t mind being close to your neighbors.  Some have assigned parking, but many do not.  If having an off street parking spot is a necessity to you, be sure to ask if one is available with your rental.  If you prefer a yard, driveway and a larger home, then you will most likely be happier a little further from the beach.  Most of our rentals are just a few blocks away, so you can’t go wrong.  Do you require a pool?  Houses with pools are among the most popular summer rentals, so they tend to fill up fast.  They are also usually on the larger side, and therefore a bit more expensive.  Rental homes have become more and more popular.  They offer all kinds of different amenities and can be found up and down the Jersey Shore. 
We always encourage our tenants to keep an open mind while shopping for rental homes.  You may think that you require a 4 bedroom home because of the number of people you are vacationing with, but some 3 bedroom homes are more spacious and may sleep more people.  Walking an extra block may be worth it to get a house that fits more of your needs.  There are many factors that go into choosing a rental.  We know the right questions to ask and will do our best to make a good match. 
We truly have a rental home for everyone.  So, reach out today and let us help you find the perfect one for you!