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Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Home

October 27, 2022 by admin

Your home is one of your biggest assets, so choosing to sell it is a crucial decision that’s supported by the right information. Regardless of your reasons for selling, you still want to make the most of your sale by doing as much research as possible. Here are some crucial things to know before selling your home.

Understand the Local Housing Market First

First things first. You need to determine the best asking price for your home relative to other homes for sale in Point Pleasant. To do this, you need to have a good understanding of the housing prices in your neighborhood. Pay attention, in particular, to houses that are closely similar to yours, whether they have been recently sold or are still on the market. Once you have a good idea of what the competition looks like, you can then come up with a reasonable price for your home. You can ask your real estate agent about the current trends, too.

Spruce Up Your Home

If you want to secure a better asking price, it’s generally not a good idea to sell your home as is unless it’s in immaculate condition. The trick is to implement home improvement projects with a high ROI that can improve your home’s curb appeal and make the right impression on home buyers. Simple things like getting rid of clutter and cleaning up your landscaping can count in your favor and make your home stand out more from other homes for sale. Another simple idea is to make your home smell amazing by simmering potpourri on the stove or putting vanilla in the oven.

Get Help From Professionals

Not sure of the steps involved with selling your Point Pleasant home? The best thing is to engage the services of a professional who is familiar with the housing market. The problem with going the DIY route is that it can be a steep learning curve with the potential to make many mistakes along the way. You have to be familiar with state real estate laws and current tax laws. The right professional will help you market your home online, making the selling process quicker and more convenient. This is a good strategy because, according to Rocket Mortgage, the first step for 41% of homebuyers was searching online, while only 19% of buyers reached out to a real estate agent as the first step.

These are some things to help you prepare so that your home is ready to sell. Knowing the right strategies to apply can ensure your home stands out from other homes for sale in Point Pleasant. Get in touch with us at Barefoot Real Estate to find out more today!